Friday, August 26, 2011

San Juan, Puerto Rico ~ Day 5 ~ DeJa Vu

I'm really late but so much is going on right now. Anyway, my final day on San Juan came in very quick. It was warm. The water was beautiful. The scooters were out. The tours were back on but it was time to check out and board our plane. Can you believe that? As soon as the weather went back to was time to head home. It was bitter sweet. One of my sisters happened to be a block away from me in another hotel. Swing sister that is.. We met right before lunch. It was great. My sister and her family was having fun in the sun. Its so funny that my sister and I live in Queens and we happen to be in Puerto Rico at the same timSe. My travel partner and I had a lunch date at UNO's. The food was great and we had free dessert. How cool is that!!  We made it to the airport on time head ad landed in Miami safe. There were delays from Miami to New York but all went well. It was great to be home in my shower in my bed. God is greatly to be praised.

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