Wednesday, August 24, 2011

San Juan, Puerto Rico ~ Day 3 ~ Aromas

What a beautiful wet day it was on day 3. We flip flopped through the streets of Old San Juan. It was beautiful and very historic. I envisioned all of Puerto Rico to look like Old San Juan. The streets were very narrow. It was very commercial but looked like old living quarters turned into shops and boutiques. We hopped in and out of the stores like true tourist. We found shelter in a good old Radio Shack when the rain started to drench us. We perused the place acting like we were customers. We grew hungry and asked one of the salesman what was a great reasonable and authenthic place to have lunch. He said "go out, make a left and then a right and you will see a restaurant called Aromas." We followed directions and almost got side tracked by another suggestion but the rain was way too heavy to start venturing off to the unknown. The restaurant was cozy and contemporary. I will attach a couple photos. The food was great. I had chicarrones de pollo and arroz con guandoles (I may have spelled it wrong). The translation is fried chicken chunks with the bone in and rice with beans. My travel partner had a well seasoned burger with cheese, onions and peppers. Just in case I didn't say it before, the food was great!! The only weird thing is that you had to go outside of the restaurant to use the rest room. Yes, very different!! We walked along the streets and gazed into shop after shop. We saw the Governors residence and walked near the water. Our last stop before we left was an old castle. It was a historic site called Castillo San Cristobal. The rain was heavy and the winds were high but we toured the castle and learned a lot of history. It was fun because of the rain. We tried to make a scary movie while in the dungeon but are extras kept messing up (sort of an inside joke). We took a cab back to our hotel and ventured back out into some crazy rain. I took the hood off of my poncho and just splashed in the rain as people gawked at me like I was crazy. We were a block away from the beach and saw the waves roaring coming way over the sand and closer inland. We decided to make it a movie night. We saw so much water that the choice of movie was Fireproof!!

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