Thursday, August 25, 2011

San Juan, Puerto Rico ~ Day 4 ~ La Playa

We finally got out of the room after a late start. There was Light!! The first day of Fun in the Sun. We ventured out for food and started walking towards the beach. We felt the water and decided to skip a meal just to experience the sandy beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico. We rushed back for our swim wear and before we could get back out of the hotel room..we saw the rain coming. Smh. I was determined. By the time we got back to the beach the rain ceased and we got right in water. It was beautiful!! We rested on beach chairs and watched nature all around us. It was very relaxing and breath taking. My travel partner cut those moments short due to his hunger pangs. We walked along the nearest street to the beach looking for good food at a reasonable price. We passed a few restaurants and high end stores like Salvatore Farragamo, Cartier and Gucci. The strip is on Ashford Street. We came across a little cafe that had sandwiches, smoothies, coffee and fruit juices. The name was Picachos aromas de cafe. It was very nice and very clean. My partner chose a ham baguette with a diet Coke and I selected the Chicken Focaccia with Passion Fruit juice. The Chicken Focaccia was excellent. It had lettuce, tomatoes and pesto sauce. I did opt out of the pesto sauce but they put it on anyway. I was so happy that they went against my wishes because I enjoyed the sandwich. The passion fruit juice was great at first but you couldn't taste your sip go down after a while due to the after taste. Ok, ok t wasnt that serious about your sip. I got that line from an old hit sitcom (Martin). Dessert included a stroll across the street to the famous Cold Stone Creamery. It was was an exciting walk back down the strip because the ice cream was so delicious. I got a few looks and stares and one wave. I dont know if the ice cream made me look good or if I made the ice cream look good. Either way it was all good. It was our last full day so I had to make it back to the beach. We relaxed and heard the sound of the water rush in and pull back out. We were out all day with no watch and no cell phone and had no knowledge of the time. We looked at each other and said, "that's vacation.." The highlights of the day faded out and the lowlights of the night flowed in..we capped it with a movie called "Tangled."

P.S. The pics were on another SD card. Having technical difficulties uploading them.

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