Monday, August 22, 2011

San Juan, Puerto Rico ~ Day 2 ~ Sand & Toes = Simplicity

Sand & Toes sounds very plain & simple. Well that's the kind of day that I had today. We had a Tropical Storm/Hurricane warning. It passed over us. Thank God for Jesus!! We did have very high winds that caused us to stay in doors and lose electricity. Yes, I am on vacation and had to deal with the loss of lights. My travel partner and I walked to the beach. The tides were very high but nature is beautiful. He did his excercise run along the beach. I made an impression in the sand with my toes and watched it wash away with the rushing water. I spelled out my nickname in the sand and the water came and erased it before I could complete the last letter. My travel partner watched and asked, "why would you do it again if you know its going to wash away?"  I looked and said, "because I'm playing a game." We walked inland passing numerous stores that were clearly shut down because of the storm. We finally stopped at a small authenthic restaurant for brunch. The place was a lil worn and not all of the drinkware matched. I guess that is common but I noticed. We sat in the back where we could see the ocean and its unruly waves. The food at Don Jose was fine and it was a nice little crowd. As the rain poured harder the leaks in the roof of the restaurant leaked stronger. I looked on as everyone else dismissed it like it wasn't even happening. We got the check, made the transaction and left the shack just in time for down pour. We picked up a old beat up abandoned umbrella and kept on going.  We got back to the room and still there were no lights and no electricity. I found out there was electricity on one side of the hotel and I immediately opened my mouth. My travel partner caught the contagious mouth problem and we got upgraded to a large suite. I love the upgrade. I learned that storms, hurricanes and down pours can bring simplicity in the end..

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