Sunday, August 21, 2011

San Juan, Puerto Rico ~ Day 1 ~ August 21, 2011

Vacation Puerto Rico Day 1
Ahhhh Hello Readers,
I am currently on my United Airlines flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico. First let me back track a bit. You all know how expensive airport parking can be..right?? You also know how inconvenient it can be to ask family and friends for a ride to the airport. Especially, when your flight leaves super early in the morning. You run the risk of your ride being late and you having a pre-vacation attitude because of it. They run the risk of slight jealousy and having a pre-non-vacation attitude because they realize they will not be going with you. Ok so with that being said; I decided it would be smart, easy and reasonable to reserve a Zipcar. The process would be that my boyfriend (he will be referred to as my travel partner for the remainder of this blog ..because its just funny to me :~) and I would hop into my car, drive to the Zipcar, one would drive the other car back to my home, park my car, drop me and the luggage to the airport with the Zipcar, and then he would drop the Zipcar back to the spot. For all those who are unfamiliar with Zipcar, you have to drop the car off at the same spot you picked it up. I thought that I could just leave the car any where I felt and they would track it down but of course life couldn't be that smooth (smh). The plan was for my travel partner to take public tranportation back to the airport after walking to the bus. So we stuck to the plan. While I was roaming around Laguardia airport in the wrong terminal because I don't follow directions; my travel partner was right on schedule patiently waiting for the bus. Im pushing one of those airport carts (which is something I don't ever want to do again..its just soooo not me) texting my travel partner to let him know what terminal he should be going to once he reaches the airport. He's responding and still patiently waiting. I'm walking and walking hoping that the person didnt give me the wrong information because I'm not big on the whole walking thing with cute sandals, an airport luggage cart, luggage and a not so happy face. I mean it was still dark out, only a few people were walking, I'm reading signs stating "Its prohibitted to go beyond this fence, etc." I finally reach the terminal, I scanned my passport, printed out our boarding passes scoped out the place and my travel partner was still patiently waiting. I messaged him all my accomplishments and he replied that he was still waiting for the bus that was obviously off schedule. He waited for the next scheduled bus and it never came. I'm sitting on the luggage at this point looking like Lonely Linda. Ok moving right along, there were mechanical issues with both scheduled buses. He finally arrived late. We made it on the plane and were not sitting next to each other..ugggh, until my travel partner guilted someone out of their seat. We slept and slept, had a slight lay over and almost got locked out of our connecting flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico all because I wanted Starbucks Iced Lemon Pound cake and a hot chocolate. Obviously, we made Iy because here I am writing you on the plane next to my travel partner who is sleeping like a fat baby. Oh yeah ummmm I was notified that there would be a bad storm in San Juan once we get there..hmmm thats funny. I hope Irene is not mean and out of control. Irene is the name of the storm. I'm looking out the window. I just love how amazing God is..the sky..the clouds..