Friday, October 14, 2011

Pretty, Pretty & more Pretty @ Polish Bar Brooklyn

I know those who know me are probably wondering what in the world was I doing at a bar and others were thinking why didn't she invite me?? I was at a bar..well a polish pronounced [pol-ish] bar, as in to make glossy. I'm talking about the stuff you paint your nails with NOT [poh-lish], as in Poland. I didn't hassle my friends to come along because it was a private event for people who blog.

The event was held in one of the most represented boroughs in New York. Yes you got it..Brooklyn. It was held at the Polish Bar Brooklyn on Vanderbilt Avenue, one of two locations. It is black owned and has been around for over 5 years. Last night was the first time visiting Polish Bar Brooklyn so I had to check out the website before my visit. One thing that jumped out at me on the website was "Get Pretty, Get Polished, Get Perfect". That's exactly what all those beautiful ladies did last night!!

All the stunning women came in looking gorgeous, chic and shimmery from head to toe as they signed in with one of the model-like hostess. She then gave us the run down as we staggered in at different times. I didn't know where to start because I was overwhelmed with excitement. I started out picking a nail polish to support breast cancer awareness. I decided to get Pink Shatter limted addition by O.P.I. so I had to choose one more color by Zoya. I had never heard of Zoya polish but the colors were rich and lovely and I chose a deep purple. I wasn't able to get the full shattered look because the purple was very dark but the lady who travels from the Bronx to Brooklyn every day did wonders to my finger nails.

It was time to dry my nails. I am very weary about the nail drying process because I am very impatient and almost always mess up my nails. I sat next to two other sociable ladies and started chatting away. The time flew and the polish was definitely all top of the line because it dried in no time with out a smudge.

Next it was picture time. I posed and proudly held up a "Get Pretty" sign while the photographer snapped away. I was steps away from the hand and arm massage area. I love being pampered and it definitely felt like a mini spa day. The lady began to glaze some clear gel on my hands and arms. I'm sure it was some sort of sanitizer but I was too relaxed to read the bottle. I received a wonderful massage with two different lotions from their own line. The scent of the last one was absolute coconut perfection. That wasn't the name of the lotion but that's an idea if I decide to create my own scents.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the eyelash station. Shout out to Star who filled my lashes in, took complete care of me and made my eyes twinkle. She was awesome!! She showed me a picture of her beautiful baby. She was way too cute with her kissable cheeks. My final stop was with Rebecca who erased my blemishes, airbushed my face and reduced the shine. Rebecca gave me some much needed tips. She had such a humble and sweet spirit.

Time was winding down and the owner of Polish Bar Brooklyn, Tricia Lee Riley got everyone's attention and made a small speech of thank you's, recognition and the purpose of the event. The polish, the massage, the lashes and the make-up were all compliments of Polish Bar Brooklyn. The only thing they asked was to spread the word and make a donation to breast cancer awareness.

There were bite sized cupcakes, lolly pop cakes, and wine with strawberries. I chose the cupcakes by Goodie Box bake shop and sipped on some fresh water. I was still all smiles although the event was coming to a close. The atmosphere was Grown and Pretty. The decor was magnificent. It was my first visit but it certainly won't be the last. Ladies gather your family and friends and visit this wonderful establishment. Check out their site I plan to take a few friends along with me on my next beauty ride so we can all #GetPretty at the Polish Bar of Brooklyn.

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