Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beauty School ~ Hair 101 ~ Wash & Style $5.22

You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you that I got my hair done for pennies over 5 bucks. Don't believe me..but I DID!!

I moved to Queens, New York over a year ago. I have yet to find a "must-go-to" hair salon since my move. I know it sounds crazy because Queens is huge and connected to other great boroughs where I should be able to find the perfect hair stylist. Well, there are two that I like but not love. One has a spa atmosphere and very clean. Cleanliness is a huge plus. The other one was nice and did a good job but it was on the other side of Queens. I don't even remember the location. I am a dominican wash, set and blow out Queen. Sometimes I need a good blow out since my hair is natural..and NOT naturally straight. The salons that I visited are fairly large. The good thing about going to a salon with multiple hair stylist is that you wont' be there all day. The downside is you get who you get and hope that your favorite person is available. Sometimes my hair would come out perfect and other times I felt like it was a waste of my money.

I love my hair stylist (Minerva) in Suffolk County, Long Island. She styled my hair in my blog profile picture. Minerva probably hopped to 3 or 4 different salons since she has been styling my hair. Every time she moved I moved because she is great at what she does. The only thing is that she didn't move when I moved. It's just not cost effecient to travel all the way out there at this point. If you are in the Brentwood, Long Island, New York area here is her info: 662 Suffolk Avenue, Brentwood, NY.

I have been researching hair salons and trying to find ways to save money. I haven't really figured out the saving part yet but have been using my money for necessary things. Keeping my hair clean, fresh and looking good is a neccesity but I was sure to find a way to cut cost.

I put my frugal cap on an came up with dun dunn dunnnn a Beauty School!! Ok maybe you're not excited about this and maybe you already know about the scools and what they offer. I don't know about you but the Price is Right. I went on Google maps to locate the nearest school. The nearest one wasn't offering services at the time. The other school I found is named "Empire Beauty Schools". Its located at 38-15 Broadway in Astoria, Queens, New York.

As you walk in there is someone sitting at a table taking all request. Ok the first time I went I came in through some random back door. I'm glad to be alive to write this because only I would be the one to go into the wrong entrance and some how wind up in the right place. I already knew what I wanted and what I could afford but ofcourse I needed to look at the menu of options. I chose the Shampoo Style which included a shampoo, conditioner and any style. I was skeptical and worried because you had to sign something borderline saying "at your own risk..if we mess up or you lose your hair we are not responsible". Those weren't the exact words but you get my drift. I started talking to other people waiting who clearly weren't in the talking mood but I didn't care I needed some questions answered. The one lady I sat next to starting getting her hair done at the school a year ago. You would think that would ease my discomfort but it didn't she had dreadlocks. All she was getting was an updo. She wasn't getting heat and hot tools in her hair. I felt better when she told me her youngest daughter was sitting in a chair getting a relaxer in her hair. She showed me a picture of her granddaughter who had her hair washed and styled. The sweat stopped flowing right before my name was called.

The friendly, young lady prepped me, took me over to the sink, measured her shampoo and conditioner and started washing my hair. I told her that my hair tangles which didn't phase her at all and I asked questions about her beauty school education. We conversed through out my first beauty school salon experience. She sprayed in some leave-in detangler and brushed right through my hair. She started out sectioning my hair and blowing it straight from the nape of my neck on up. I was a little afraid of her burning my hair off with the blow dryer because that happened before but she was great. She then preceded to flat iron my hair. She asked if I wanted curls at the end. I told her she can do what she like. My hair came out wonderful and she received a high score and a tip for her work. Please see pictures below and and go on my youtube (kenturahtutu) page to watch my video after my first beauty school visit. Here is the link to the video .

Empire beauty schools have locations up and down the east coast and a little west. Check them out if you want a new hair style, facial, make-up application, manicure or pedicure for a really inexpensive price. It would be great for college students, people on a budget or unemployed. Everything is super cheap. They have special occasion and party girl packages that include an up-do, polish, make-up and tiara. Yes a TIARA!! It would be great to take a little girl so she can feel like a princess or just bring yourself so you can feel like a queen.

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